Quickly Erase Unwanted Elements from Images Using AI

Quickly remove any unwanted elements using our advanced AI technology. Simplify your photo editing and achieve flawless results in seconds. Start now and transform your visuals with precision.

Erase Unwanted Objects Instantly

Target and remove any distractions in your photographs with Magic Erase. Our intuitive brush tool makes it easy to select unwanted items like text, watermarks, or objects, disappearing them as if they were never there.

How to Use Magic Erase


1️⃣ Disable Automatic Remove Background

Make sure to turn off the automatic background removal feature before editing your image. This will allow the Magic Erase tool to accurately remove the parts of the image you want to delete.

2️⃣ Upload Your Image

Please ensure that your image is uploaded in either JPG, PNG, or HEIC format. It is advised to ensure that the subject’s edges are well-defined for best results.

3️⃣ Go to the “Magic Edit” Section

After you have finished uploading your image, you can click on the Magic Edit Section to access the Magic Erase tool.

4️⃣ Erase Unwanted Elements From Your Image

Click on the “Magic Erase” tool and then click on “Select”. This will allow you to shade the area you want to erase. After shading the section, click on the “Run Magic Erase” button to complete the process.


The Best Object Remover

Even if you believe your image is nearly flawless, there may still be unwanted objects in the background. Our “Magic Erase” tool allows you to easily remove any unwanted objects from your photos with a shade and a click.

Our advanced algorithms ensure that the removed objects blend seamlessly into the background, giving you a flawless final image every time. Say goodbye to hours of tedious editing and let our object remover do the work for you. Try it now and see the magic for yourself!

If You Don’t Want it, We Can Erase it

Our Magic Erase tool is designed for simplicity and efficiency. To use it, simply highlight the area you wish to remove from your image. Then, with just a single click on the ‘Run Magic Erase’ button, our advanced AI technology springs into action, refining your photo to perfection.

The result is a market-ready image that looks professionally edited, giving your visuals a competitive edge. Whether you’re enhancing product photos for your e-commerce site or cleaning up promotional materials, Magic Erase makes photo editing a breeze.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the magic eraser tool used for?

The Magic Eraser tool is used in graphic editing software to remove unwanted parts of an image. It works by automatically selecting and erasing a certain object from the image using AI.

Is Magic Eraser background editor free?

The Magic Eraser background editor app is free to use

How do you magic erase someone from a photo?

To erase someone from a photo using our Magic Erase tool, select the tool in our app, shade the whole body of the persona and then click on “Run Magic Erase” and there you go.

How can I remove text from a picture?

To remove text from a picture, use our Magic Erase tool. Carefully select the text area; the tool will erase the text immedietly like it never existed.

What are the advantages of magic erase?

The Magic Erase image editor tool is advantageous for its ability to quickly remove unwanted elements from photos with minimal effort. It leverages advanced algorithms to seamlessly fill in the background, maintaining the integrity of the image. This makes it ideal for enhancing aesthetics and decluttering visuals.

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