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Backdrops that Convert.

Elevate your brands product images into eye-catching visuals in an instant with our powerful AI-powered Product Image Background Replace & Removal Tools.

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Amazon product background removal

Wave Goodbye to

Boring Backgrounds.

Great product images start with a stellar subject. That’s why our tool focuses on what truly matters – your product. Simply upload your product image, and let our tool do the magic. With our smart background removal feature, you can say goodbye to dull and distracting backgrounds. All you’re left with is a crisp, clean image of your product, ready for its close-up.

Uplevel Your Product’s

Imagery in Just Minutes.

Now, here’s where things get really exciting. With your product image primed and ready, you have the power to reimagine its context completely. Picture this: Your product, exactly where you want it to be – maybe on a sunlit breakfast table or perhaps in a cozy reading nook? Maybe even on a mountain summit for the adventurers out there!

The beauty of our AI Photoshoot feature? It’s only limited by your imagination. Simply describe your dream product setting using AI prompts, and watch your vision come to life in stunning, high-quality images. And the best part? You’re creating these remarkable images at a fraction of the cost of a professional photoshoot – sometimes at 1/100th the cost without losing quality. Try our AI for Product Photography today!

Amazon AI Photoshoot
Image background remover with perfume bottle and flowers

Transform Old Images

With Your Imagination.

Gone are the days of struggling with expensive photoshoots or Photoshop wizardry. Our Image AI tool is designed for you, the savvy & busy Amazon seller, who knows the immense power of captivating visuals on your customers. With just your old input product photos you can provide a prompt to our AI product photography tool and get back an array of beautiful, context-rich product images at your fingertips. Your Amazon listings will never be the same. 

Make an Impression,

Boost Your Sales.

Your products deserve to be showcased in their best light. With ProductScope’s Image AI tool, you can create an array of striking, sales-boosting product images in no time. And when your listings shine, so do your conversion rates.
AI Photoshoot software for Amazon products

Replacing Product Backgrounds

Made Simple

Upgrade your visuals instantly with effortless background replacements. Transform your images seamlessly and watch them come to life in captivating new environments.

Loved by Brands


ProductScope’s Image AI tool has completely changed the game for us. Gone are the days of stock images and expensive photo shoots. With this tool, we’ve been able to personalize our product photos and truly stand out. The AI-powered backgrounds and lifestyle settings breathe life into our listings and resonate with our customers in a way we never thought possible. Not to mention, the boost in sales we’ve seen is impressive. Honestly, I don’t know how we managed without it before.

– Dan Boseman, Owner 

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Have Questions?

How does the AI Product Photoshoot tool work?

Our AI Product Photoshoot Tool utilizes a combination of cutting edge Image AI models (MidJourney/Stable Diffusion) to help imagine new backgrounds to transform product images. Simply upload an image from your desktop or go through an Amazon product page with the chrome extension to extract the main product image instantly directly from Amazon, then use our smart background removal feature to isolate your product, and lastly either choose a setting from our “Themes” library or use the custom prompt to describe your desired setting using simple text prompts. The tool will generate a new, photoshoot-quality image based on your input which you can edit as you wish and finally save to your Image Results.

Do I need any design or technical skills to use this tool?

Absolutely not! Our Image AI tool is designed to be user-friendly and does not require any design or “photoshop-like” skills. We built this with my 60 year old mom in mind, so hopefully its intuitive enough for all. 🙂

Can I use images generated by ProductScope AI for commercial usage?

The images you create are your own and you are free to use it as you wish, commercially or otherwise. 

Is there a limit to the number of images I can create?

– Free Tier: 10 credits, which you can use to create or save up to 40 images.
– Individual/Marketing ESSENTIALS: 250 credits, which you can use to create or save up to 1000 images monthly.
– Marketing Pro: 600 credits, which you can use to create or save up to 2400 images monthly.