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Our AI background remover quickly zaps away the background from your photos, letting you choose a better backdrop or keep it transparent. Super easy!

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How to Remove an Image Background


1️⃣ Image Upload

Select and upload your image in JPG, PNG, or HEIC format. For best results, ensure the subject’s edges are clear.

2️⃣ Background Removal

Our tool will automatically remove the background from your image, allowing you to fine-tune the details if needed.

3️⃣ Save or Download

Download your edited image, now with a transparent background, ready for sharing or further editing to add any background you desire.

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Quick Background Removal 

Our free background remover AI tool removes backgrounds in less than 3 seconds using advanced AI. It works with HEIC, PNG, or JPG files, producing transparent or white backgrounds effortlessly. No need for manual edits. Perfect for anyone needing quick, high-quality photo edits. Try our easy-to-use background remover for high-definition results.

Changing the Background Colors and Textures

After removing the background, you’re left with a transparent version of your image. You can then add a pristine white backdrop, select from a vast collection of tailored photo backgrounds, or opt to leave it background-free.

Looking for something specific, like a jewelry backdrop?

Just search for “jewelry background” and you’ll find a various options quickly.

Achieve this in three straightforward steps: upload your image, let our tool automatically clear the background, and finally, choose your desired background from colors, images, or opt for none.

Simplifying photo customization has never been simpler!

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Shadow Features

Add an Elegant Shadow Element

Starting with background removal is just the beginning at ProductScope AI. After removing the background, add some depth to your product photos with our easy shadow feature. Quickly remove the background to get a clean look, then with just a click, add a shadow to make your product stand out.

This simple touch makes your photos look more professional and eye-catching. ProductScope AI makes it easy to show off your products with style. You can have a transparent background, a white one, or choose any color and add a soft shadow. Give it a try and see the difference a shadow can make!

Free Background Themes

ProductScope AI extends beyond simple background removal. After removing the background from your image, you have access to a variety of free templates designed to enhance your graphics. Select from a diverse collection of backgrounds, text, and more to add flair to your images.

Simplify your editing workflow with our straightforward online background remover, leaving behind the complexity of traditional editing tools.

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Soda in CAn

AI Custom-Prompt Background Creator

Transform your photo backgrounds with ease using ProductScope AI’s Custom Prompt Background Creator. After erasing the original background, you’re free to dive into an assortment of photorealistic backgrounds tailored to your needs. This feature shines for those seeking high-quality product photos, like showcasing a soda can amidst a vibrant fruit table, without visiting a physical studio.

It’s flexible enough for personal projects, enabling you to place subjects in any setting you can think of, from the bustling streets of New York City to the serene beaches of Bali.

The Custom Prompt Background Creator is designed to elevate both product photography and personal portraits by offering limitless creative possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free image background remover work?

Our free background remover AI uses advanced technology to quickly and accurately remove the background from your images. Simply upload your photo—whether it’s a product shot like a soda can on a fruit table or a personal portrait—and our tool will clear the background. You can then choose from a wide range of photorealistic scenes or custom prompts to replace the original backdrop, transforming your photo in seconds.

What types of photos can I use with the free image background remover?

Our free image background remover supports various file formats, including JPG, PNG, and HEIC. It’s an excellent HEIC background remover, ensuring high-quality results for all your images. For optimal results, we recommend uploading images where the subject has clear edges. This ensures the AI can accurately identify and remove the background, making it perfect for both product shots and personal portraits alike.

Is it possible to add a custom background after removing the original with the free image background remover?

Yes, after removing the original background, our tool offers the ability to add a custom background of your choice. From placing your product in a specific scene, like a cozy café, to imagining yourself on an exotic beach, our Custom Prompt Background Creator lets you unleash your creativity with ease. Just select or upload the background you desire, and our AI will do the rest.

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