Magic Relight:  Product Photography with Advanced AI Lighting

Bring your photos to life with Magic Relight, the ultimate AI-driven tool for dynamic photo lighting. This innovative feature lets you adjust the ambiance and mood of your images with precision, effortlessly enhancing product photography or personal portraits.

Relight Relight

Revolutionize Your Product Photos with AI-Driven Lighting

Quality lighting is paramount in digital commerce, directly influencing customer decisions. Traditional photo editing tools offer limited adjustments, often leading to inconsistent results.

Our AI-driven Relight app transcends these limitations, providing dynamic lighting adjustments that highlight your product’s best features.

How to Use ProductScope AI Relight AI


1️⃣ Upload Your Image

Upload your product photo in JPG, PNG, or TIFF formats. Ensure the image is of high quality for optimal relighting effects.

2️⃣ Access the Photo Relight Tool

Navigate to the “Relight” option in the user dashboard. This powerful tool offers intuitive settings tailored for product photography.

3️⃣ Customize Your Lighting

Adjust brightness, contrast, and shadow to mimic professional studio lighting. Experiment with directional light and color filters to achieve the desired ambiance.

4️⃣Download and Showcase

Once satisfied, download the enhanced image, ready for e-commerce platforms, social media, or promotional materials.

The Premier AI-Powered Product Photography Lighting

Outperform your competitors with our AI Relight tool. While they rely on conventional methods, our technology offers a quick, efficient way to produce images that capture attention and drive sales.


  • Customizable Light Settings: Tailor lighting conditions to reflect different times of day or settings.
  • Enhanced Detail and Clarity: Our AI algorithms ensure that every enhancement maintains the highest image quality.
  • Rapid Transformation: Turn standard photos into professional-quality images in seconds

Maximize Impact with Optimal Lighting

Visibility is key in online markets. Our AI Relight AI tool not only enhances the aesthetics of your images but also improves their performance in search engine rankings and marketplace displays.

Relight Relight

Product Comparisons

While Clipdrop offers broad image manipulation tools, Magic Relight specializes in advanced, AI-driven lighting effects, ideal for achieving professional-grade illumination in photos. It provides precise control over lighting intensity, direction, and color, making it the go-to choice for photographers and e-commerce professionals seeking to elevate image quality effortlessly.


ProductScope AI

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Magic Relight adjust the color temperature of images?

Yes, Magic Relight includes options to adjust the color temperature of your images. Users can choose from preset temperature settings like ‘Warm’ and ‘Cool’ or manually adjust the color balance to achieve specific lighting tones that best suit the mood or style of the photo.

Is Magic Relight suitable for professional photography?

Absolutely. Magic Relight is designed to meet the needs of both professional photographers and amateurs. The tool provides high-quality, precise lighting adjustments that can enhance professional photos, making it a valuable addition to a photographer’s digital toolkit.

What is the maximum file size that Magic Relight can handle?

Magic Relight can handle images up to 20MB in size. This limit ensures optimal performance and speed during the relighting process, accommodating most standard and high-resolution photos used in professional settings.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the relight effect?

If you are not satisfied with the relight effect, Magic Relight allows you to revert the changes or further adjust the settings until you achieve the desired result. Our goal is to ensure that every user can produce photos that meet their expectations.

Is customer support available for Magic Relight users?

Yes, we provide dedicated customer support for all Magic Relight users. Support is available via email, live chat, and phone, ensuring that help is readily available whenever you need assistance with the tool.

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