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Boost your Amazon business with ProductScope’s premier Amazon Listing Optimization Tool. Harness the power of AI for strategic keyword placement and customer-centric insights. Try our top-tier service for free today and boost your conversions, reach, and growth on Amazon.

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amazon listing optimization tool

Harness AI for smart

Amazon Listing Optimization

Are you ready to take your Amazon listing optimization to the next level? With ProductScope’s listing builder, the best amazon listing optimization tool, we use advanced AI capabilities of OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 model trained on over 1500 best converting Amazon listings, allowing us to create high-impact, converting listings at an unprecedented scale and speed across 11 marketplaces and multiple languages. Unlike traditional content agencies, our AI-driven approach guarantees precision, consistency, and a level of personalization that human writers can’t achieve at scale. Use AI-enhanced optimization that understands your business as intricately as you do to get ahead.

The Power of Customer Insights

High-Converting Listings.

Ever wished you could get inside your customer’s mind? With our Amazon Listing Optimizer, you can! Our Listing Optimizer doesn’t just create average listings; it crafts a vastly superior product listing centered on your customers’ needs and desires. By harnessing the power of customer reviews and demographic data, we tailor your listing’s Title, Bullets and Product Description to resonate deeply with your target audience. We pinpoint purchase motivations and key product features that matter most to your customers, turning every listing into a compelling story that drives conversions.

amazon listing optimization service
best amazon listing optimization service

Strategic Keyword Integration for

Maximum Visibility.

Mastering Amazon SEO requires more than just incorporating relevant keywords. It demands strategic placement, frequency, and relevancy. Our Amazon Listing Builder applies a ‘secret sauce’ to seamlessly blend high-impact keywords with your unique customer insights. By understanding the language your customers use and their search behaviors, we can weave keywords into your listings naturally, boosting your visibility and ranking on Amazon. No more keyword stuffing, just relevant, engaging, and SEO-optimized content that customers and search engines will love.

Outperform Your Competition

with 17% better conversions.

In the crowded Amazon marketplace, standing out is not just a goal; it’s a necessity. That’s where our Amazon Listing Optimizer comes into play. By fusing AI’s computational power with a deep understanding of your customer base, we empower your listings to shine brighter than the rest. We help you outsmart your competition, not just outrank them. By leveraging data-driven insights, strategically placed keywords, and personalized content, your listings will achieve higher conversion rates, propelling your brand to the forefront of Amazon’s vast marketplace.

Listing Optimization Service

Loved by Brands


ProductScope’s Amazon Listing Optimizer Tool is a game-changer. It’s cut down our listing process from weeks to minutes, leveraging AI to resonate powerfully with our mom specific audience. The strategic keyword integration and their use of Amazon review insights has noticeably boosted our Amazon visibility and ranking, significantly increasing sales. Highly recommend for brands or marketers looking to scale fast. 

 – Jennifer, DuWhot Brands 

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Have Questions?

What makes this the best amazon listing optimization tool?

The Amazon Listing Optimization Tool by ProductScope enables you to create product listings that drive conversions. It uses advanced AI models, strategic customer insights, and impactful keywords to build a high-performing Kingpin listing on Amazon for your product. It’s a tool that aids in boosting your visibility, enhancing your relevance, and ultimately increasing your sales on Amazon and does it all in minutes. 

How does the Pricing Plan for the Amazon Listing Optimization Tool work?

We offer three tiers of pricing – a Free Forever Plan (just create an account), a Starter Plan for $34/month (or $24/mo if paid annually), and a Pro Plan for $99/month (or $69/mo if paid annually). The Starter and Pro plans are the same in terms of features and only differ in the number of listings that can be optimized each month. 

The Free account gives you 1 free listing optimization to try it out before subscribing. Note amazon backend search terms or subject matter fields are not included in the free listing optimization. 

Lastly there is also an “Agency” Plan which is where we can do this for you with an Ad Management plan that’s exclusively managed by our Amazon Ad Agency Verified partner, FosterFBA

What is the difference between the GPT-3 and GPT-4 models in the Listing Optimization tool?

GPT-3 and GPT-4 are AI models developed by OpenAI. Our tool uses these models to optimize your product listings. While both are powerful, GPT-4 is the latest version and offers more advanced and accurate capabilities. The Free Forever Plan provides access to GPT-3 for listing optimization, while our paid plans offer the more advanced GPT-4 model.


Embrace the power of AI and customer-centric insights with ProductScope’s Amazon Listing Optimizer. It’s not just about listing products; it’s about connecting with your audience on a personal level and outperforming your competition. Join us on this exciting journey and transform your listings into conversion magnets today!