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Experience the future of decision-making with your Personal AI Chatbot Assistant (Dobby). Let Dobby revolutionize your operations, answer queries about your complex data, and solve problems quickly. Make rapid, effective decisions to propel your business forward. Welcome to your new competitive edge!

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Embrace the Power of AI

with Dobby, Your ChatGPT for Amazon.

Welcome to a world where business decisions are simplified and growth strategies are maximized. Meet Dobby, your personal AI chatbot assistant, designed to unlock the full potential of Amazon’s ChatGPT in your business. Utilizing the prowess of the GPT-4 model, Dobby turns complex data into actionable insights in an instant. It’s the easiest and fastest way to leverage the power of AI, propelling your Amazon business into the future.

Amplify Your Brand’s

Impact with Dobby’s Expertise.

Imagine having access to a tool that learns from your brand’s insights and crafts strategies tailored specifically for you. That’s exactly what Dobby does. Feed it with your review insights or any relevant information, and watch as Dobby transforms them into product improvement suggestions and marketing strategies. It’s about giving you the power to make decisions that truly move the needle.

ChatbotGPT for Brand Analytics

Your Problem-Solving

Data Scientist.

Data can be overwhelming. But what if you had your very own data scientist to decipher it all? Dobby does just that. Upload your Brand Analytics or any product-specific data and Dobby will digest it, making sense of the information through natural language processing. The best part? Your data remains yours. Stored within your specific Dobby instance, it’s never shared externally or sold outside of ProductScope.

Get Access to Dobby:

Your Ultimate Problem Solver.

Every e-commerce journey comes with its share of challenges. But with Dobby by your side, you have a problem solver that’s always ready to assist. Ask your questions, build strategies, and let Dobby guide you towards your goals. With Dobby, you’re not just surviving the e-commerce journey, you’re thriving in it.

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Loved by Brands


Having Dobby as our AI chatbot assistant has been a game-changer for our Amazon business. It’s like having a personal data scientist that not only understands our brand but provides invaluable insights and solutions. The ease of using AI has never been so apparent. Thank you, ProductScope, for revolutionizing our operations with Dobby.

– Tal Assad, Owner

Have Questions?

How does Dobby, the personal AI chatbot assistant, work?

Dobby utilizes the power of GPT-4 model which is the latest most robust language model from Open AI that you can ask questions to and train by uploading data specific to your brand to it’s knowledge base. By feeding Dobby your review insights, amazon brand analytics or any other relevant data, it learns to provide strategies and answers tailored for your business.

How does Dobby ensure data privacy?

Dobby stores your data within your specific account’s instance and never shared externally or sold outside of ProductScope. We ensure that your data remains yours and you can delete, modify your knowledge bases as you need.

How can Dobby help in problem-solving?

Dobby acts as your personal advisor, helping you to answer queries, build strategies, and solve problems in your e-commerce journey. It helps you make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently.

How can I start using Dobby?

To start using Dobby, all you need to do is sign up for a free account on ProductScope. You’ll get 5 sample queries in your free forever plan. With Dobby, you’re just a few clicks away from making better business decisions.


It just got insanely easy to eliminate the guess work, bring to market and scale your business 5x faster, with ProductScope AI for Amazon.