3-Step Amazon Seller Success: Listing, Research, and AI

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Amazon Listing Optimization

If you’re a new Amazon seller or soon going to be one, it can’t be stressed how important Amazon Listing Optimization is for you. Amazon listings or product pages inform your customers about the different products you offer, including information like the price and features.

There’s massive competition and about a hundred options that buyers can choose from, which makes it a tough fight to get to the first page of the search results on Amazon, and as buyers ourselves, we know we hardly ever move past it when making a purchase. This is where Amazon Listing Optimization Services help you.

Listing Optimization for amazon seller sucess

What Is Amazon Listing Optimization?

In simple terms, Amazon listing optimization means making the right changes to your product listing on Amazon to improve its visibility and, thereby, sales (if you’re familiar with Search Engine Optimization, it’s almost like that).

How Do You Create Listings On Amazon?

Here’s where you can start – learning how to create listings. Let’s look at the process (which is very simple):

  1. Create an Amazon seller central account to log in
  2. Click on ‘Add Products’ below the ‘Catalog’ tab
  3. Here you can choose one from three options:
  • Add a product which is already listed on Amazon
  • Create a new product listing
  • upload multiple products at one go (select ‘bulk upload’)
  1. If you’re choosing to add a new product listing, select a product category.
  2. Fill the information in, like title, description, pricing, features, images/videos, etc.
  3. Add relevant keywords (to optimize the listing and improve the visibility, try Amazon Product Listing Services), and write compelling descriptions about your products.
  4. Submit your listing for review and wait for approval!

Selling on amazon

Why You Need Amazon Product Research

It’s not easy to sell products on Amazon as just listing whatever you have and sitting and waiting for the sales to roll in. You, as a seller, have to be knowledgeable and savvy about the products you intend to sell and their competition. That’s where Amazon product research comes in, being an important part of Amazon product listing services.

In the world of Amazon product research, knowing your target audience is a game-changer. This is where ProductScope’s Amazon Review Analyzer shines. It helps you dive deep into the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, and ‘why’, tailoring your strategies for effective conversions and giving your research an edge.

The Review Analyzer also brings product strengths and weaknesses to light from your customer’s point of view. It uses sentiment analysis on thousands of customer reviews to inform strategy improvements and ensure your product offerings hit the mark.

On top of this, knowing customer buying triggers is pivotal. The insights derived can shape persuasive product descriptions. The Review Analyzer helps you pinpoint what makes your customers click ‘buy’, allowing for a refined marketing strategy that boosts conversions and enhances the customer journey.

So what’s the big deal about it? It’s like this. You’re playing detective. You’ve to find out what is the best for your business profits. You perform a thorough investigation and evaluation of the huge marketplace that is Amazon and its products, to know the most lucrative selling options. As the detective you must know of the products most likely to fetch in most money. This way you find ways for your business to stick around in the competition.

So through this process, you can:

  • Find out about profitable products
  • Enrich your listings with appropriate keywords based on trends
  • Measure your competition, and come up with suitable pricing
  • Make data-driven decisions and huge profits!

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Benefit You

AI is everywhere, in the form of smart assistants, it’s on our phones. It’s telling us what movies we should watch on the TV or what bands we should hear based on our preferences. It’s telling us about relevant products we simply can’t ignore.

AI is the future and your competition has probably already upped its game incorporating it into their Amazon selling strategies (fetching the right data to help them price their products better than you, predicting trends and knowing in advance of the products that might gain popularity, reading customer reviews to know what works and what doesn’t, etc.), which is why you shouldn’t lag behind and embrace AI yourself!

You can unlock the potential of AI, and focus on what your customers really want with ProductScope’s Amazon Listing Optimizer. It leverages AI to help you forge genuine bonds with your customers, while outshining the rivals, by boosting your Amazon visibility and ranking. Hop on this exciting adventure with us and turn your product listings into conversion magnets!