Amazon’s Game-Changer: Exploring the Hub Counter and Locker

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Amazon Tools

Have you ever faced the frustration of missing an important Amazon delivery or, worse, falling victim to porch pirates? You’re not alone. Securing our online purchases has become a crucial concern. That’s where Amazon’s innovative solutions, the Hub Counter and Locker, come into play.

Let’s explore how these services are changing the game for both customers and business owners.

What is an Amazon Hub Counter?

Imagine this scenario: You’ve just clicked ‘Buy Now’ on that latest gadget or book you’ve been eyeing on Amazon. Now, the usual drill would be to wait at home, often anxiously, hoping you’re there when it arrives to avoid the dreaded ‘missed delivery’ note or, worse, package theft. But what if I told you there’s a better way? Enter the innovative world of Amazon Hub Counter.

Launched in 2019, Amazon Hub Counter is a groundbreaking service designed to add convenience and security to your online shopping experience. This service forms strategic partnerships with local businesses, such as your neighborhood grocery store, pharmacy, or even a nearby gas station, transforming them into secure and accessible pickup points for your Amazon packages.

amazon hub counter

Here’s how it revolutionizes your package delivery experience:

Enhanced Security

The biggest draw of Amazon Hub Counter is the added security it offers. By having your packages delivered to a secure location, you eliminate the risk of them being stolen from your doorstep. This is especially beneficial for those living in areas where porch piracy is a concern or for receiving high-value items.

Flexibility and Convenience

We all have busy lives, and being tied down to your home waiting for a package isn’t always feasible. Amazon Hub Counter lets you pick up your package at a time that suits you. Most of these locations have extended hours, some even operating 24/7, offering you the flexibility to collect your order early in the morning, late at night, or anytime in between.

Supporting Local Businesses

By partnering with local businesses, Amazon Hub Counter not only provides convenience to you but also drives foot traffic to these establishments. It’s a win-win situation. While you’re there to pick up your package, you might grab a coffee, do some grocery shopping, or discover a new local service. This symbiotic relationship fosters community engagement and supports local economies.

Simplicity in Use

Using Amazon Hub Counter is incredibly user-friendly. When you place an order on Amazon, you simply choose a Hub Counter location as your delivery address. Once your package arrives at the designated spot, you’ll receive an email notification with a unique barcode. Just show this barcode to the staff at the pickup point, and voila, your package is handed over to you. It’s that simple!

Environmentally Friendly

Reducing the number of delivery attempts means fewer trips for delivery trucks, which in turn can help reduce carbon emissions. By centralizing deliveries to Hub Counters, Amazon is making strides towards more sustainable delivery practices.

Personalized Customer Service

Unlike automated lockers, Amazon Hub Counter locations are staffed by real people. This means you get to interact with someone who can assist you with your package, adding a personal touch to your online shopping experience.

Amazon Hub Counter vs. Amazon Hub Locker: Spotting the Differences

amazon hub counter

In Amazon’s innovative delivery solutions, two standout services offer unique benefits to the end-user: Amazon Hub Locker and Amazon Hub Counter. While both services aim to provide a secure and convenient way to receive your packages, they cater to different preferences and needs.

Feature Amazon Hub Locker Amazon Hub Counter
Service Type Automated self-service lockers for package pickup. Personalized service with package pickup from local businesses.
Interaction No human interaction; users interact with a digital interface. Direct interaction with staff at the pickup location.
Location Strategically placed in public areas like shopping centers, grocery stores, and apartment complexes. Located within local businesses such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores.
Security Secure environment protected by a unique pickup code. Packages are safeguarded by the business’s staff until collected.
Convenience 24/7 access at many locations, allowing for pickup at any time. Pickup times depend on the business hours of the host location, which may vary.
Support for Local Businesses Primarily focused on customer convenience and security. Increases foot traffic to local businesses, potentially boosting their sales.
Flexibility Thousands of locations nationwide offer flexibility in choosing a convenient pickup point. While not as widespread as Lockers, Counters offer a personalized pickup experience in your local community.
User Experience Efficient and quick, suitable for users who prefer a contactless pickup. Adds a human touch to the package pickup experience, suitable for those who prefer personal interaction.
Benefits Minimizes the risk of package theft with a secure, automated system. Supports local businesses and provides a secure pickup option with a personal touch.

How to Use Amazon Hub Services

amazon hub counter

Step 1: Educate Your Customers about Amazon Hub Options at Checkout

Make sure your product listings clearly mention the availability of Amazon Hub Locker and Counter as delivery options. This can be highlighted in the product description or through a dedicated FAQ section on your storefront.

Explain the convenience and security benefits of using Amazon Hub services. Highlighting the ability to pick up packages at a convenient time and location can address common delivery concerns, such as package theft or missed deliveries.

Step 2: Guide on Selecting Preferred Amazon Hub Locations

Include instructions on how to select Amazon Hub Locker or Counter options during checkout in your post-purchase emails or through your Amazon store’s FAQ section. Visual guides or links to Amazon’s own tutorials can be particularly helpful.

Advise customers on choosing the most convenient Locker or Counter location based on their daily routine, such as near their workplace, home, or along their commute route. This personalization enhances the customer experience by aligning with their lifestyle.

Step 3: Communicate the Pickup Process Clearly

Inform customers that they will receive a 6-digit pickup code or barcode via email once their package is delivered to the selected Amazon Hub. Emphasize the importance of this code for a smooth pickup experience.

Provide a brief overview of the pickup process for both Locker and Counter options. For Lockers, detail the self-service procedure; for Counters, explain the interaction with store personnel. Reassuring customers about the ease of pickup can alleviate any apprehensions about trying a new delivery method.

Eligibility and Restrictions for Amazon Hub Services

amazon hub counter

As an Amazon seller, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria and restrictions associated with Amazon Hub services to ensure a seamless delivery experience for your customers. Amazon has set specific guidelines to maintain the integrity and efficiency of its Hub Locker and Counter services.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you need to know:

Size and Weight Limits

Amazon Hub Locker – Packages destined for Hub Lockers must adhere to Amazon locker size limitations. The maximum size allowed is typically 16 x 12 x 14 inches, and the weight cannot exceed 10 pounds. These restrictions ensure that the package can comfortably fit into a standard locker compartment.

Amazon Hub Counter – While Counters may accommodate slightly larger packages than Lockers, there are still restrictions to keep in mind. Packages should not exceed the dimensions of 20 x 16 x 12 inches and must weigh under 20 pounds. The flexibility in size and weight for Counter services accommodates a broader range of products, offering an alternative for items that exceed Amazon Locker size limit.

Order Value Limit

For both Amazon Hub Locker and Counter services, the total value of the order must not exceed $5,000. This cap is in place to mitigate risk and ensure the security of high-value items. It’s important to communicate this to customers who may be purchasing expensive goods, guiding them towards alternative delivery options if necessary.

Restricted Items

Hazardous Materials – Items classified as hazardous materials are not eligible for delivery to Amazon Hub locations. This includes products like flammable liquids, chemicals, and batteries that require special handling and transportation regulations.

International Shipments – Currently, Amazon Hub services are designed to facilitate domestic deliveries only. International shipments, including those that cross borders within the same continent (e.g., from the US to Canada), are not eligible. This restriction helps streamline customs and import processes, ensuring that Amazon can maintain a high level of service efficiency.

Special Considerations – Additionally, certain special categories of items may be restricted based on local laws and regulations, or due to the specific policies of the businesses hosting Hub Counters. It’s advisable to check Amazon’s latest guidelines and communicate any relevant restrictions to your customers.


Amazon Hub Counter and Locker are more than just delivery options; they’re a testament to how innovation can simplify our lives. As eCommerce sellers, understanding these services helps us appreciate the evolving landscape of online shopping and customer satisfaction.

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Q: What is an Amazon Hub Counter?

A: Amazon Hub Counter is a secure and convenient pickup service that partners with local businesses, allowing customers to collect their Amazon packages from designated locations such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations.

Q: How does Amazon Hub Counter enhance package security?

A: By delivering packages to a secure location staffed by business personnel, Amazon Hub Counter significantly reduces the risk of package theft compared to doorstep delivery.

Q: Can I pick up my package from Amazon Hub Counter at any time?

A: Pickup times depend on the business hours of the host location. Many locations offer extended hours, providing flexibility for package collection.

Q: How does using Amazon Hub Counter support local businesses?

A: This service drives additional foot traffic to partner locations, potentially increasing their sales and promoting community engagement.

Q: Is Amazon Hub Counter environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, by reducing the number of delivery attempts and centralizing deliveries, Amazon Hub Counter contributes to fewer carbon emissions.

Q: What is the difference between Amazon Hub Counter and Amazon Hub Locker?

A: Amazon Hub Counter offers a personalized pickup experience with direct interaction with staff at local businesses, while Amazon Hub Locker provides a self-service, automated locker system for package collection.

Q: What are the Amazon Locker size limitations?

Amazon Locker size limitations dictate the maximum dimensions and weight for packages that can be delivered to an Amazon Locker. The specific limitations are as follows:


      • Maximum Size: 16 x 12 x 14 inches (41 x 31 x 36 cm)

      • Maximum Weight: 10 pounds (4.5 kg)

    These restrictions ensure that the packages can comfortably fit into the standard compartments of an Amazon Locker. If a package exceeds these size or weight limits, it cannot be delivered to a Locker and will require an alternative delivery method.