Our Comprehensive

Amazon Listing Checklist

Optimize your listings effectively to make your products stand out and turn visitors into buyers. Our Ultimate Amazon Optimization Checklist provides actionable measures to improve product listings and sales.

Product Photos

Product photos play a crucial role in grabbing a shopper’s attention and can directly influence your conversion rate. It’s the first thing people notice, and it can either draw them in or make them keep scrolling. To turn potential buyers into happy customers, it’s important to follow some effective practices with your product photos.

☐ Take advantage of all 9 image slots provided by Amazon. Note that while 9 images are displayed on desktop, only 7 may appear on mobile. If you wish to incorporate a video, you may be restricted to 6 images for certain categories.

☐ Consistently incorporate hands in your images to offer shoppers a reference for your product’s size and scale.
Ensure your primary product image fills the frame as much as possible, as larger images tend to capture attention more effectively than smaller ones.

☐ Create a grid-style image for both the A+ content section and main listing photos, showcasing diverse individuals of varying ages and genders happily displaying your product. This could be a 2×3 or 3×3 grid. Optionally, mention the number of satisfied customers you’ve served, such as “Proudly serving 2M+ delighted customers.”

☐ Clearly depict all items included with your product in the main image, such as carrying bags, charging cables, and other valuable accessories. If your packaging is visually appealing, branded, and suitable for gifting, consider showcasing it as well.

☐ Create inforgraphic-style images that combine visuals and sales copy to emphasize the advantages, unique features, problem-solving capabilities, and warranties of your product. Differentiate yourself from competitors.

☐ Always feature an image comparing your product side-by-side with a competitor’s, highlighting your product’s superiority.
Incorporate text in most images to underscore key selling points and features. Ensure clarity in conveying the benefits being showcased.

☐ Avoid small fonts and ensure text is legible on mobile devices, with fonts occupying no more than 30% of the image.
Include a size chart and specify if the product sizing deviates from standard expectations.

☐ Integrate positive reviews into your images, while being mindful of Amazon’s guidelines regarding reviews and testimonials.

☐ Ensure images are high resolution (at least 72ppi) and square for optimal zoom functionality.
Refrain from using Photoshop to insert your product into stock images and avoid using stock photos altogether to maintain trust.

☐ Invest in a real-life photoshoot to accurately represent your product’s size and quality.

☐ Feature models that resonate with your target demographic in some of your product images.

☐ Display images of multiple individuals using your product to build trust with potential customers.


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    Product Videos

    Videos can be just what convinces customers to buy your products because you can showcase and describe their additional benefits.

    ☐ Add 3-5 product videos to your main image section, ensuring at least one is placed in the 7th image slot.
    ☐ Include a variety of videos such as testimonials, product demonstrations, unboxing, before-and-after comparisons, feature highlights, press mentions, ingredient explanations, and competitor comparisons.
    ☐ Refrain from using stock video clips to maintain authenticity and trust with customers.
    ☐ Aim to upload a minimum of 6 product videos to the Video Shorts Slider area to enhance visibility.
    ☐ Feature influencer-style videos detailing the product’s materials, quality, and usage.
    ☐ Portrait selfie-style videos often appear more genuine and trustworthy.
    ☐ Review videos are highly effective in converting customers.
    ☐ Clearly communicate expected results, timeframes, and support claims with before-and-after visuals or customer testimonials.
    ☐ Avoid lengthy and dull introductions; captivate viewers from the start.
    ☐ Clearly articulate your product’s promise and ensure it addresses the customer’s primary concern.
    ☐ Mention warranties or guarantees to assure customers of long-term support.
    ☐ Clearly define who your product is intended for and who it may not suit.
    ☐ Display all items and bonuses included in your product packaging. Need an unboxing video? Let’s discuss it on a call.
    ☐ Feature your other products in your videos to showcase your diverse offerings.
    ☐ Connect emotionally with viewers by sharing your story and personality without being manipulative.
    ☐ Emphasize understanding of customer pain points and visualize the solution your product provides.

      Product Titles

      Product titles play a crucial role in attracting customers and driving sales. They are the first thing a potential buyer notices, and they provide a snapshot of what the product is about. A well-crafted title can grab attention, convey key benefits, and entice the customer to learn more. It also aids in search engine optimization, helping the product appear in relevant search results.

      ☐ Make sure to use all the characters Amazon allows for your product titles, and don’t make them too short. You can use up to 200 characters for certain categories, but this number can change.
      ☐ If your brand name is simple and easy to understand, it’s a good idea to put it at the start of your product title.
      ☐ Put the three to five key words that matter most right after your brand name. This helps make sure your product’s unique ☐ Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) gets a good web address to help it show up in searches. 
      ☐ Only use popular and strong keywords in your product title if they really match what your product is.
      ☐ Spend a good amount of time looking into keywords. Find words that a lot of people search for, rank well, but don’t have a lot of competition. Also, check which keywords are helping your main competitors do well.
      ☐ If there are popular keywords that didn’t fit in your product title, don’t worry. You can still use them in the bullet points and other parts of your product listing.
      ☐ Pay attention to popular keywords that are often spelled wrong. You can add these misspelled words to the backend of your listing and search terms. This way, even if customers make a typo, they can still find your product without seeing any mistakes in your listing.
      ☐ Aim to create a product title that is easy to read and feels natural. Avoid cramming in too many keywords, especially if they don’t fit well together.
      ☐ Putting too many keywords in your titles can make them confusing for customers and might alert Amazon, potentially leading to a suspension of your product listing.
      ☐ Start with the main name or term for your product, add up to three alternative names, and then list its features, qualities, and potential uses.
      ☐ Instead of using a vertical bar, vertical line, or “pipe” symbol, use commas to divide the keywords in your title.
      ☐ If a lot of people are asking the same questions about your product, think about including that information in your product title.
      ☐ In your title, only put information that helps identify the product. Don’t add promotional stuff, details about warranties, return policies, or free shipping.
      Stay away from using special symbols in your product title. It’s okay to use basic punctuation such as commas, dashes, slashes, and the ampersand symbol (&).

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      Product Offers

      A product offer is a vital component in the realm of sales, serving as the proposal presented to potential buyers. It encompasses the product’s details, pricing, and any additional incentives or conditions. A compelling product offer is clear, attractive, and highlights the product’s unique value, aiming to persuade the customer to make a purchase.

      ☐ Always show the original retail price on your product’s detail page to set a price reference point for customers.
      ☐ Pick a selling price that is fair and matches your product, its worth, and everything that comes with it in the box.
      ☐ If you need to price your product higher than your competitor to get the profit you want, ensure that your product listing, including the text, pictures, videos, and the product itself, shows that it’s worth more.
      ☐ When introducing a new product, consider setting your price or deal a bit lower than what your competitors offer. Do this until you start getting sales and customer reviews.
      ☐ Offering a deal, like a discount or a “Buy One Get One Free” special, can bring in more customers, sell more items, and raise your average sale amount. 
      ☐ Promotions may not be easily seen on your product page. Enhance their visibility by advertising on external platforms or through email marketing.
      ☐ Before starting a promotion, make sure you are clear on your expenses and the minimum price you can offer without incurring losses.
      ☐ When conducting a significant promotion, it’s crucial to establish a limit on the number of products a customer can purchase.
      ☐ Enable all customers to save on your product by offering coupons, which don’t require a promo code but do require the customer to select the coupon to apply the savings.
      ☐ Coupons are displayed as discounts in various locations, including search results, product detail pages, and your storefront, providing additional visibility and potentially increasing your click-through rate.
      ☐ When offering a coupon, specify a dollar amount off rather than a percentage to make the savings clearer to customers without requiring calculation.
      ☐ Using coupons on your listings tends to be more effective in driving conversions compared to using promo codes.
      ☐ Exercise caution when offering both a coupon and a promotion at the same time, as customers can use both in a single transaction.
      ☐ Remember that Amazon charges a $0.60 redemption fee for each coupon used.
      ☐ To be eligible to offer coupons, ensure you are a Professional seller with a rating of at least 3.5 stars.

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      Bullet Points

      Crafting well-written bullet points on Amazon is crucial as they concisely highlight the key features and benefits of a product, directly influencing customer purchasing decisions. They help to break down important information, making it easily digestible and accessible, which enhances the customer’s understanding and trust in the product, ultimately driving sales.

      ☐ Start each bullet point with an emoji or capitalized title, followed by a separator, to visually break up the text and enhance readability.
      ☐ Ensure your bullet points answer major customer questions, providing clarity and assurance that your product meets their needs.
      ☐ Utilize insights from customer questions, answers, and reviews, along with keyword research, to inform and guide your bullet point content.
      ☐ Focus on the five most crucial aspects of your product, how it addresses customer needs, and what buyers value most. ☐ Need assistance crafting keyword-rich bullet points? Click here for expert help!Directly address how your product alleviates customer pain points and enhances their experience.
      ☐ Avoid exaggerated claims and maintain transparency to foster customer satisfaction, positive reviews, and a low product return rate.
      ☐ Use the Listing Quality Score (LQS) Google Chrome Extension by Seller.Tools to ensure all your targeted keywords are indexed.
      ☐ Highlight how your product or offer provides better value than competitors, mentioning any additional items or special warranties included.
      ☐ Use the last bullet point to establish trust and credibility, mentioning guarantees, years in business, or notable press mentions.
      ☐ Ensure to include all main keywords from your product title in the bullet points, as repetition aids conversions and some customers might not pay close attention to the title.
      ☐ Utilize the bullet points to add any secondary keywords that didn’t fit in the product title, aiding in improving your search ranking.
      ☐ Strive for bullet points that are at least 250 characters long, ensuring natural readability while integrating key keywords. ☐ Avoid overstuffing with keywords, as it’s noticeable and could lead to penalties from Amazon.
      ☐ Maintain a balance in the length of your bullet points, ensuring they are comprehensive yet not too lengthy, preventing the need for customers to click ‘see more’.
      ☐ Clearly communicate the unique value and advantages of your product over competitors, avoiding promotional content or pricing information.
      ☐ Regularly check that your bullet points are indexed by Amazon, effectively highlight your product’s benefits and selling points, and outperform competitor’s bullet points.

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      Product EBC / A+ Content

      The Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) area of your listing significantly influences conversion rates, as well as the feedback and return rates of your products. Providing ample information enables customers to make informed buying choices, resulting in greater satisfaction and an increased likelihood of receiving favorable reviews.

      ☐ If possible, become Brand Registered, switch out Amazon’s standard Description section for a more effective Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) section, and consider adding a Product Video.
      ☐ Aim to use at least 1,750 characters in your EBC section, and don’t shy away from repeating your top keywords (Amazon does index EBC keywords).
      ☐ Ensure your EBC section features high-resolution designs, lifestyle images, and text that together showcase your product’s best features. Ensure it’s optimized for mobile viewing. Need help creating a high-converting EBC? Reach out to us.
      ☐ Use a mix of lifestyle images and keyword-rich text to highlight your product’s benefits, placing the most important advantages at the forefront.
      ☐ Make sure to include keywords in your EBC headlines and emphasize your product’s unique selling points, starting with the most compelling feature.
      ☐ Add keywords to the alt text of your EBC images to enhance search discoverability, including on Google.
      ☐ Use the Listing Quality Score (LQS) Chrome Extension by Seller.Tools to verify if your alt text keywords are indexed.
      ☐ Use the EBC section to share your brand’s story, connect emotionally with customers, and build trust in your brand.
      ☐ Utilize this additional space to emphasize how your products stand out in quality and functionality compared to competitors.
      ☐ Clearly show how your product compares favorably to competitors, giving shoppers every reason to choose your product.
      ☐ If applicable, elaborate on the available colors, sizes, patterns, bundles, and other options for your product.
      ☐ Include a range of product images, such as close-ups, different angles, and images of everything included in the product packaging.
      ☐ Ensure the EBC section is visually appealing and easy to skim, with ample white space.
      ☐ Include all the sales copy from your product photos and bullet points in your EBC/A+ images/area as well.
      ☐ Use the EBC area to answer frequent customer queries and encourage them to ask questions, promising a response within 24 hours or less.
      ☐ Showcase other products in your brand lower in the EBC area to establish brand credibility and demonstrate product compatibility.
      ☐ Use your new EBC template as a basis for creating EBC layouts for your other Amazon product listings.
      ☐ Include Social Proof: Mention any notable features of your brand and include images of satisfied customers using your product, possibly sourced from user-generated video screenshots.
      ☐ Provide Sizing and Packaging Details: If applicable, include a sizing chart and an image detailing everything included in the product packaging.
      ☐ Highlight Speed of Results: Clearly communicate how quickly customers will see results from your product, and include a visual checklist of the problems your product addresses.
      ☐ Anticipate and Address Objections: Strive to preemptively address any potential customer concerns or objections within your listing, as thorough reassurance can improve both conversion and return rates.

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      Video Shorts Slider

      Located beneath the Product Details section, Video Shorts in the Video Slider provide potential buyers with a variety of video clips about your product, offering them a chance to gain deeper insights and hear directly from other customers.

      ☐ Aim to have up to 10 Product Video Shorts uploaded by people you know, such as loyal customers, friends, or family members.
      ☐ Ensure there are at least six videos in your Video Shorts Slider to minimize the visibility of Related Product Videos, which could potentially divert attention away from your product listing.
      ☐ Strive to include a diverse range of video content that demonstrates the high quality, value, and effectiveness of your product, convincing shoppers of its worth.
      ☐ Try to feature a variety of video types in your Video Slider, such as customer testimonials, product demonstrations, unboxing videos, before-and-after comparisons, feature and benefit highlights, press mentions for credibility, ingredient or material explanations, competitor comparisons, and brand videos.
      ☐ Include a Product Unboxing Video in your Slider to give potential buyers a clear visual representation of your product and any additional items included.
      ☐ Ensure your Video Slider contains Review Videos to persuade shoppers that your product is the solution they need.
      ☐ Incorporate a Features & Benefits Video to underscore the unique advantages and effectiveness of your product.
      ☐ Add Demo Videos to give customers clear, step-by-step instructions, increasing the likelihood of proper use and reducing the chances of returns due to user error.
      ☐ If you offer multiple complementary products, consider including a Brand Video in your Video Slider to establish credibility, encourage purchases across different ASINs, and increase the average order value.
      ☐ Think about hiring influencers to create a collection of high-quality, persuasive, and aspirational Review-style videos.
      ☐ Utilize your connections with satisfied customers, friends, and family to assist in uploading these videos on your behalf.

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      Customer Questions & Answers

      Customer inquiries provide valuable insights into areas of your Product Detail Page that may be missing information or where product details are not easily accessible. Additionally, they offer a perspective on what aspects of your product are of utmost significance to your prospective buyers.

      ☐ When appropriate, include relevant keywords in your Questions and Answers as they are indexed by Amazon.
      Ensure your answers are polite, helpful, and informative, avoiding terse one-word replies that may come across as dismissive.
      ☐ Ensure you are the first to answer customer inquiries on your product to prevent the spread of incorrect information or negative comments in your Q&A section.
      ☐ Regularly monitor your Customer Q&As, aiming to respond within 24 hours, to maintain a high conversion rate and reduce the likelihood of receiving responses from dissatisfied customers.If you need help increasing the number of questions and answers on your listing, don’t hesitate to reach out for support.
      ☐ Include common customer support inquiries, questions found on competitors’ listings, and queries about sizing. Ensure your answers highlight your product’s unique features.
      ☐ If certain questions are frequently asked or there is a common misunderstanding about your product, update your listing, product images, bullet points, and EBC area to clarify these points for future customers.
      ☐ If a customer mentions a problem with your product in the Q&A section, promptly offer a replacement or refund and provide your seller contact email to resolve the issue.
      ☐ Utilize a diverse range of Video Shorts as responses to customer questions to provide comprehensive and engaging answers.
      ☐ Keep your responses brief, straightforward, and amiable, addressing the customer by their name. Only provide lengthy, detailed answers when the customer requests extensive information.
      ☐ If you are unsure about the answer to a question, take the time to gather accurate information before responding.
      ☐ Not all questions need a response, especially if they are irrelevant or appear to be trolling. Use discretion in deciding which questions to answer.
      ☐ Consider posting a variety of Video Shorts, such as Product Unboxing Videos, Review Videos, Features & Benefits Videos, and Demo Videos, as responses to customer questions.
      ☐ Strive to accumulate over 100 customer questions on your listing to enhance credibility and trust among potential buyers.


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      Reviews play a crucial role for Amazon sellers, serving as social proof that builds trust and credibility with potential buyers. Positive feedback enhances product visibility, influences purchasing decisions, and can lead to higher conversion rates. 

      ☐ Work towards having eight 5-star reviews prominently displayed in the Top Reviews section of your product listing, visible before customers click ‘see more’.
      ☐ Ensure that 1-star reviews are not the first thing potential buyers see on your detail page, as this could significantly harm your conversion rates.
      ☐ Strive to gather at least 50 reviews for each of your product listings to establish trust and effectively convert browsers into buyers.
      ☐ Utilize Amazon’s ToS-compliant Buyer-Seller Messaging system to ask for product reviews, ensuring not to request positive reviews specifically.
      ☐ Use Amazon’s ‘Request a Review’ button to manually ask for reviews on each order.
      ☐ Consider adding product inserts in your packaging, encouraging customers to leave a review.
      ☐ Ask friends, family, and past customers to upvote 4 and 5-star reviews by clicking the “Helpful” button, and to report any suspicious 1-star reviews.
      ☐ Stay vigilant for any unusual activity on your reviews, such as competitors potentially manipulating the “Helpful” votes on negative reviews.
      ☐ If you notice incorrect feedback on your listing, use the Feedback Manager to request its removal within 90 days, though removal is not guaranteed.
      ☐ Explore the Amazon VINE program to secure some initial reviews, especially beneficial for new listings starting from scratch.
      ☐ Focus on obtaining more than 20 image reviews and at least 3 video reviews per product, as these tend to have a greater impact than text-only reviews.
      ☐ If you need assistance in increasing your reviews with photos and videos, don’t hesitate to reach out for support.
      ☐ Be aware that highly competitive product niches may require a larger number of reviews to stand out against similar products.
      ☐ Quickly resolve any issues related to your product or shipping to prevent reviews lower than 4.5 stars.
      ☐ Maintain a product listing that accurately represents your product, aiming to meet or exceed buyer expectations to maintain a high review rating.
      ☐ Check all product images to ensure they are clear, accurate, and provide details such as product size and package contents to set correct customer expectations.
      ☐ Provide clear usage instructions both on your product detail page and in your product packaging to reduce user error and associated negative reviews.
      ☐ If you have access to Amazon customer email addresses, send follow-up emails encouraging them to leave a product review.
      ☐ If you have access to customer mailing addresses, consider sending postcards to ask for their review and feedback.

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      Bonus Advice: Increase Sales and Conversions

      Reaching the first page of Amazon’s search results goes beyond simply following the platform’s guidelines. Top sellers wouldn’t have succeeded by only adhering to Amazon’s listing advice. To quickly climb the rankings and boost conversions, apply these extra Sales & Conversion Strategies.

      ☐ Ensure you have sufficient stock to prevent negative impacts on your product ranking.
      ☐ Implement Price Anchoring: Clearly demonstrate the retail value of your product in comparison to the discounted sale price.
      ☐ Secure your brand on Amazon to create a dedicated storefront, showcase all your products, and incorporate video content in your listings.
      ☐ Continuously work on building relationships with social media influencers and micro-influencers to boost your product’s visibility and sales.
      ☐ Increase your chances of earning a Best Seller Badge by listing your product in various categories.
      ☐ Use backend keyword attributes to enhance your listing’s discoverability and indexation for relevant search terms.
      ☐ Once your listing is optimized for conversions, use Google Search Ads and Amazon PPC to drive traffic and sales.
      ☐ View your successful competitors as mentors and analyze their listings to understand what works.
      ☐ Keep your product listing current and relevant, updating keywords, images, and design as needed, and making seasonal adjustments.
      ☐ If your PPC campaigns are underperforming, reassess your keyword strategy and consider the competitiveness of your niche.
      ☐ In every section of your listing, including text and images, highlight your product’s advantages, expected results, and superior value over competitors.
      ☐ Make your product’s main benefit or solution evident throughout the listing.
      ☐ Provide Proof and Social Validation: Back up your product’s promises with customer testimonials and positive reviews.
      ☐ Clearly state who your product is intended for, and don’t shy away from being specific, even if it means stating who the product is not suitable for.
      ☐ List and show everything included with the purchase to reduce returns and set clear expectations.
      ☐ Provide accurate dimensions and use common items for size comparison to help customers visualize the product.
      ☐ If applicable, mention your product’s warranty throughout the listing.
      ☐ Add inserts in your product packaging for any special instructions, even if they are also listed on your product page, to prevent negative reviews due to user error.
      ☐ Use Amazon’s return policy as an additional selling point in your listing.
      ☐ If selling clothing, include a precise sizing chart in your listing images and utilize Amazon’s custom size chart feature for Brand Registered sellers.

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